A world cup smart Watch

The watch is the official watch of the world cup this year. As a result, the watch has a “unfriendly” name for the referee.

Since it is a wristwatch of the ship, we can’t help but talk about its luxurious shape. The table is made from titanium bezel with six single “H” type screw, watch strap is the use of Kevlar material. The watch’s screen has a traditional cosmos face that makes it seem that the watch is an ordinary old watch – but it is a smart watch.

Since it is the smart watch of the world cup, the following is the function of the watch. 15 minutes before each game, the watch will be notified to the user; when the red card and yellow card appear on the scene, the watch will buzz. At the time of the goal, the watch also joins the celebration queue: it vibrates immediately and displays the word “GOAL” on the screen.

As the game goes on, the watch will also get the statistics of any one of the 64 games. The score can be shown on the dial, the number of red and yellow cards, the name of the player’s hand, the rotation of the players and the rest of the game.

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