China Made sparkles on the Basel Exhibition

At the luxurious watch and jewel Basel table exhibition, a mobile phone brand from China 8848 has been a beautiful and unique landscape. It’s both a mobile phone and a watch. It’s both a technology and luxury product. It’s the only Chinese brand that has been unveiled for the first time in the world in the past two years. It is reported that the 8848 mobile phone not only brings the new work of Kari Voutilainen, another cross-border legend independent producer, but also promotes the plan of sponsoring the global independent watchmaker’s top organization AHCI (Swiss independent watchmaker Association).

As a luxury mobile phone technology, the 8848 birth itself into the watch concept, not only pioneered the high-end watch elements into mobile phone design, fine craft and material luxury watches and use a large number of luxury watches, luxury watches to create a way to build a mobile phone. In 2016, 8848 titanium mobile phones and Swiss legendary independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen achieved strategic cooperation, making it more and more integrated with the beauty of wrist watch. This exhibition, 8848 mobile phones are working together with the Swiss legend independent producer Kari Voutilainen. They continue to launch the Basel 2018 commemorative mobile phone built by Voutilainen, which is the third cross-border cooperation.

It is reported that during the 2017 Basel exhibition, the Basel commemorative cell phone made by Voutilainen has been snapped up in the market, and even the price of each unit has been fired to 7-8 yuan. So, can this year’s cooperation make a miracle again? According to reports, Mr. Voutilainen will be the first GPHG in 2007 (the Geneva senior watch award Design Award) classic watch works, perfectly presented in Basel this year to commemorate the 2018 mobile phone, dial back decorated with unique pattern using Voutilainen is extremely good at guilloche, more focused on the expression of “watch time the concept of a total of 2 colors, with orange represents the sunrise dawn, blue represents the sky deep, circadian overlapping time cycle, meaning the eternal.

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