Shipments of smart watches may double in the next 5 years

According to foreign media reports, IDC, a market research company, believes that 43 million 600 thousand smart watches will be shipped this year. And this figure may rise to 84 million 100 thousand in 2022.

But the more interesting part of IDC’s prediction is that the company believes that smart watches have a growing share in the wearable market.

Most of the so-called “wearable” electronic products are basically fitness trackers, including wristbands and basic watches with built-in activity tracking function, but they do not support other third party applications or make devices more intelligent.

According to IDC data, smart watches will have about 1/3 before the end of this year’s market share, the rest is divided into wristbands, watches and other categories, including the headset (wireless headset for example, with a step counting tracking and heart rate) and clothes with integrated sensor.

The company believes that by 2022 smart watches will have a market share of 38.3%. The headphones, the basic watches and the smart clothes will take up a certain market share.

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