Tips on how to buy a good watch for your kid

When buying children’s watches, we should consider not only the functions, but also the comfort of the watch wear, the safety of the dial and the watchband, and whether the screen has a certain effect on the children’s eyesight. In addition, the child’s watch also has the ability to be waterproof and anti – wrestling in view of the good nature of the child, so that the child will be more comfortable with it.

The children watch is the most important location and call two functions, the positioning is a basic function to protect the child safety, but also affects children watch other functions, such as electronic fence, track record, a key for help, if the location is not accurate, then the other function can not be achieved, so parents should pay attention to the primary positioning accuracy children watch.

Children’s smart watches generally use combined location technology, such as GPS, base station, WiFi and gravity induction positioning technology. At present, the precise location of children’s watches can reach indoor 10 meters or less than 5 meters outside.

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