What watch strap is good to wear?

This is a watch that many people like. People who wear watches often know that the watch band is divided into belts and steel bands. Let’s see if the watch belt is good or the steel belt is good. How long is the life of the watch strap?

On durable Leather Watchband than metal watchband is certainly more than life. The normal life of Peidaipi watchband is 2-3 years, is it “the expendables”. But one thing is for sure. As long as the normal wear and careful maintenance at ordinary times, it can greatly improve its service life, which is the same as wearing leather shoes.

Like other cortical things, the most taboo of the leather strap is water (including human sweat). For a long time soaked in water or exposed to a wet environment, the leather strap will soon become hard and brittle. So it’s absolutely impossible to swim with a watch with a leather strap (or do the water for a long time). The sweat soaks ou, can make the watch strap moldy taste. If it is a sweaty person, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. Except for the hot season, it is more suitable for the leather strap.

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