Tips on how to buy a good watch for your kid

When buying children’s watches, we should consider not only the functions, but also the comfort of the watch wear, the safety of the dial and the watchband, and whether the screen has a certain effect on the children’s eyesight. In addition, the child’s watch also has the ability to be waterproof and anti – wrestling in view of the good nature of the child, so that the child will be more comfortable with it.

The children watch is the most important location and call two functions, the positioning is a basic function to protect the child safety, but also affects children watch other functions, such as electronic fence, track record, a key for help, if the location is not accurate, then the other function can not be achieved, so parents should pay attention to the primary positioning accuracy children watch.

Children’s smart watches generally use combined location technology, such as GPS, base station, WiFi and gravity induction positioning technology. At present, the precise location of children’s watches can reach indoor 10 meters or less than 5 meters outside.

360 children’s watches are with great quality

Children are the treasure of every parent and family. With the gradual change of educational concept, parents no longer demand their children to learn all kinds of skills, but hope that they can grow up healthily and happily. Children’s watches as a set of positioning, call, early warning and many other functions of wearable intelligent hardware products, can create a healthier and safer growing environment for children.

360 children watch since 2013, has gone through 5 years, with SE, 5C, 6W and other star products, with millions of children to spend a happy time. In October 2017, the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce officially launched the “China made” brand work plan. As the largest Internet security company in China, 360 has become one of the first enterprises to choose the brand’s work plan. 360 children’s watches are the core intelligent hardware products of the 360 company, which is a spokesperson for China’s quality and innovation.

Adhering to the 360 brand has always adhere to the “security” concept, 360 children, children and children watch the robot intelligent hardware products, based on the “security”, the accumulation and application of combination of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud services, to create a safe growth steorotype experience for each child.

Looking at the domestic children’s watch market, the quality of the products is uneven, which makes it difficult for parents to choose. 360, children’s watches start with many links such as product experience, function creation, technology application and so on. We must strictly control the quality of products and create safe, intelligent and comfortable children’s watches.

Fast growth of 4G smart Watch

The 4G smart watch (except for children’s watches) is the focus of the market. Since HUAWEI launched its second generation smart watch in 2017, 4G smart watches, except for children’s watches, have grown steadily quarter by quarter. This quarter is driven by the third generation smart watch of the apple, and the market is growing significantly. It is expected to remain high growth in the future. The main reasons are the following three points:

The innovation of the operator’s business model will boost the rapid growth of 4G smart watches. 4G smart watch is subject to volume limitation, and eSIM card scheme is used instead of entity SIM card. The promotion of this scheme is inseparable from operators’ optimization in user experience and user experience. Recently, China Unicom launched a card dual terminal business in part of the pilot city, through the eSIM card binding mobile phone number, common tariff packages in the form of the third generation of Apple watches can support the independent communication function in some areas, this major initiative will not only promote the apple watch sales, but also provides more space for intelligent HUAWEI watches and other brands in the field of 4G development.

The sinking of the channel will provide more market opportunities for the growth of 4G smart watches. In the fourth quarter of 2017, retail sales of smart watches accounted for 44.3%, an increase of 9.4% over the same period. 4G smart watches not only have advantages in profit margins, but also are more attractive to consumers in experiential buying process. With the rapid upgrading of purchasing power in the three or four tier cities and even rural areas, the channel sink is deepening. 4G smart watches will expand broader market opportunities besides large and medium-sized urban consumers.

Shipments of smart watches may double in the next 5 years

According to foreign media reports, IDC, a market research company, believes that 43 million 600 thousand smart watches will be shipped this year. And this figure may rise to 84 million 100 thousand in 2022.

But the more interesting part of IDC’s prediction is that the company believes that smart watches have a growing share in the wearable market.

Most of the so-called “wearable” electronic products are basically fitness trackers, including wristbands and basic watches with built-in activity tracking function, but they do not support other third party applications or make devices more intelligent.

According to IDC data, smart watches will have about 1/3 before the end of this year’s market share, the rest is divided into wristbands, watches and other categories, including the headset (wireless headset for example, with a step counting tracking and heart rate) and clothes with integrated sensor.

The company believes that by 2022 smart watches will have a market share of 38.3%. The headphones, the basic watches and the smart clothes will take up a certain market share.

What watch strap is good to wear?

This is a watch that many people like. People who wear watches often know that the watch band is divided into belts and steel bands. Let’s see if the watch belt is good or the steel belt is good. How long is the life of the watch strap?

On durable Leather Watchband than metal watchband is certainly more than life. The normal life of Peidaipi watchband is 2-3 years, is it “the expendables”. But one thing is for sure. As long as the normal wear and careful maintenance at ordinary times, it can greatly improve its service life, which is the same as wearing leather shoes.

Like other cortical things, the most taboo of the leather strap is water (including human sweat). For a long time soaked in water or exposed to a wet environment, the leather strap will soon become hard and brittle. So it’s absolutely impossible to swim with a watch with a leather strap (or do the water for a long time). The sweat soaks ou, can make the watch strap moldy taste. If it is a sweaty person, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. Except for the hot season, it is more suitable for the leather strap.

A world cup smart Watch

The watch is the official watch of the world cup this year. As a result, the watch has a “unfriendly” name for the referee.

Since it is a wristwatch of the ship, we can’t help but talk about its luxurious shape. The table is made from titanium bezel with six single “H” type screw, watch strap is the use of Kevlar material. The watch’s screen has a traditional cosmos face that makes it seem that the watch is an ordinary old watch – but it is a smart watch.

Since it is the smart watch of the world cup, the following is the function of the watch. 15 minutes before each game, the watch will be notified to the user; when the red card and yellow card appear on the scene, the watch will buzz. At the time of the goal, the watch also joins the celebration queue: it vibrates immediately and displays the word “GOAL” on the screen.

As the game goes on, the watch will also get the statistics of any one of the 64 games. The score can be shown on the dial, the number of red and yellow cards, the name of the player’s hand, the rotation of the players and the rest of the game.

China Made sparkles on the Basel Exhibition

At the luxurious watch and jewel Basel table exhibition, a mobile phone brand from China 8848 has been a beautiful and unique landscape. It’s both a mobile phone and a watch. It’s both a technology and luxury product. It’s the only Chinese brand that has been unveiled for the first time in the world in the past two years. It is reported that the 8848 mobile phone not only brings the new work of Kari Voutilainen, another cross-border legend independent producer, but also promotes the plan of sponsoring the global independent watchmaker’s top organization AHCI (Swiss independent watchmaker Association).

As a luxury mobile phone technology, the 8848 birth itself into the watch concept, not only pioneered the high-end watch elements into mobile phone design, fine craft and material luxury watches and use a large number of luxury watches, luxury watches to create a way to build a mobile phone. In 2016, 8848 titanium mobile phones and Swiss legendary independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen achieved strategic cooperation, making it more and more integrated with the beauty of wrist watch. This exhibition, 8848 mobile phones are working together with the Swiss legend independent producer Kari Voutilainen. They continue to launch the Basel 2018 commemorative mobile phone built by Voutilainen, which is the third cross-border cooperation.

It is reported that during the 2017 Basel exhibition, the Basel commemorative cell phone made by Voutilainen has been snapped up in the market, and even the price of each unit has been fired to 7-8 yuan. So, can this year’s cooperation make a miracle again? According to reports, Mr. Voutilainen will be the first GPHG in 2007 (the Geneva senior watch award Design Award) classic watch works, perfectly presented in Basel this year to commemorate the 2018 mobile phone, dial back decorated with unique pattern using Voutilainen is extremely good at guilloche, more focused on the expression of “watch time the concept of a total of 2 colors, with orange represents the sunrise dawn, blue represents the sky deep, circadian overlapping time cycle, meaning the eternal.

Research has found that smart watches will help detect arrhythmia

Atrial fibrillation is the most common cardiac arrhythmia in the world, according to Gregory Marcus, a lead cardiology expert at University of Calif San Francisco. In atrial fibrillation, the heartbeat frequency is fast and irregular, which is much faster than the normal heart, and it is absolutely irregular. So the atrium loses the effective contraction function.

In addition, the incidence of atrial fibrillation is also closely related to diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and heart failure. The resulting rapid and irregular pulse may lead to palpitations, fainting, and feeling breathless. Marcus said that atrial fibrillation is the main cause of thrombosis and stroke, but some patients may not feel the heart rate before the onset of the onset of the disease.

Researchers point out that early discovery can help people start taking drugs that dilute the blood to reduce the risk of stroke. To this end, Marcus and his colleagues evaluated the accuracy of Apple Watch in practical applications. “We want to be able to use an increasingly popular smart watch to help detect atrial fibrillation, without taking additional measures,” Marcus said.